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This community recognition award goes to both Kurt Wagner and Karen Coopersmith, managers at the two Tomato Cafe restaurant locations in Albuquerque.

In a personal interview with Kurt Wagner, we asked him about the decision to be 100% smoke-free. He told us that management considered the Tomato Cafe to be a family dining experience. We talked to Kurt around the noon time rush, and his point was obvious. While there were many single diners and small group parties, this is clearly a popular restaurant for kids and their moms and dads.

When asked about negative reactions from smokers, Kurt told us that there has been, on occasion, a compliant or two. He said that in general everyone seems happy with the policy. Kurt stated that he has, in fact, received more compliments from smokers and nonsmokers alike than he has received complaints.

While we were there, we watched a couple of customers finish their meal, leave the facility and then light up a cigarette on the way to their cars. Seems like a compatible policy to all of us.

The Tomato Cafe specializes in Italian cuisine. They feature pizzas, pasta, spinach ravioli, meatballs and Italian green beans.

If you have a big appetite or just want a wholesome variety of fine Italian dishes, we recommend the Tomato Cafe. Please let them know you saw this feature here...

The new America thanks both Kurt and Karen!

Tomato Cafe Locations and Phone Numbers

5901 Wyoming Blvd. NE

1930 Juan Tabo NE

505.821.9300 505.293.5100

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