23 Reasons to Clean the Air in Restaurants

Citizens for Clean Air and Clean Lungs

1. People with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems (including many seniors) will become more loyal patrons.

2. Parents concerned about protecting the health and safety of their children feel more comfortable dining in smoke-free restaurants.

3. Most smokers accept smoke-free policies, since 70 percent of all smokers want to quit smoking, according to the National Cancer Institute. Most smokers do not stop patronizing smoke-free restaurants, according to surveys of more than 8,000 smokers in California, New York, Wisconsin and Texas.

4. Happier customers come back more often and tell their friends.

5. Waiters and waitresses have a 50-90 percent increased risk of lung cancer that is most likely caused by restaurant tobacco smoke. (Journal of the American Medical Association, July 1993)

6. Less sick leave caused by exposure to secondhand smoke.

7. No more complaints from employees about having to work in the smoking section. Clearing and cleaning dirty dishes is easier and faster.

8. Smoke-free policies protect your health, the health of your employees and the health of your patrons.

9. Nonsmokers exposed to tobacco in a very smoky bar had 10 times more NNK (a metabolic product of a tobacco carcinogen) in their urine than before their exposure to tobacco smoke. (Consumer Reports, 1995)

10. Fire danger is reduced. The National Fire Protection Association reports that smoking caused 4.4% of all restaurant fires from 1990 to 1994. These 500 fires caused $6.1 million in property damages, several injuries and one death.

11. Local health advocates will help you publicize your smoke-free dining. Many cities are publishing smoke-free dining.

12. Furniture lasts longer -- no more burn holes in tablecloths, carpets or booths. No more repainting ceilings and walls yellowed by tobacco smoke.

13. You will never have to buy or clean ashtrays again.

14. You have less risk of lawsuits from employees who become ill from working in the smoking section and less risk of disability claims according to the National Restaurant Association.

15. It may be easier to obtain insurance because some insurance companies look more favorably on smoke-free restaurants.

16. The CCAA can provide technical assistance with the process of going smoke-free.

17. No more tobacco smoke destroying the aroma of your food.

18. No markdowns from health inspectors who catch employees smoking in the kitchen.

19. Less frequent cleaning and replacing draperies, carpets and air conditioning or heating filters.

20. No more cigarette butts in your potted plants. No more butts sticking to a dish and being served to an unsuspecting customer.

21. No more complaints about drifting smoke.

22. No waiting for tables when one section or the other is full. Reservations and seating are simplified.

23. Smokers won't linger after meals. Faster table turnover means quicker seating, pleased customers and greater profits. No more problems with people who just come in for a smoke.


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