Citizens for Clean Air in Apartments

Tobacco Ads (Truthful Messages) That We Wish We Would See


"Hey, kiss me honey!"
Nonsmokers can imagine how exciting that first cigarette must be in the morning -- okay, well maybe we can't!
Sure, hop out of bed and light up.


"Show me the addiction, baby!"
Pick up that first cigarette and begin a lifelong career of smoking.
Twenty to forty times each day, you'll need that fix. Great for the lungs, great for health. At least you'll make the tobacco executives rich.


"Dear Diary"
This tobacco smokesman job is not what I expected. My girl left me when she found that smoking made me sexually unable. I don't have much energy now as my lungs don't work well. And my horse just ran off because I smell like crap all the time.
Wow, am I a loser!


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