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The CCAA provides the following links as a service to members, visitors and the community at-large. Links to these internet sites do not indicate endorsement of the sites or their material. Citizens for Clean Air and Clean Lungs

Clear Health - Information and assistance with opioid prescription drug addiction and overdose
Fruit Chill Million Challenge - Join the Challenge and get valuable resources to help you quit smoking
Clear The Smoke - Spreading the word on SHS, Nicotine Addiction and Tobacco Marketing tactics
Smokers Stop Shop - Discount Nicotrol Gum
MASCOT Coalition - MultiCultural Advocates for Social Change On Tobacco
Addiction Health Directory - Excellent information about addiction
Smokers Stop Shop - EVERYTHING for the would-be non-smoker. Wide range of stop smoking aids
Tobacco Resources - Tobacco-related news, books and web resources
StopSmokingToday - Experts Helping People to Quit Smoking
Repace Associates, Inc. - Secondhand Smoke Consultants
The Whole Truth - Defending a Generation (very cool!)
Center for Disease Control - latest scientific studies and education materials on tobacco use
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids - features special events, daily news, updates and more
American Cancer Society - home to the Great American Smokeout
Project Smokeout - Tobacco Industry manipulation in Texas
Lesko Brothers - two brothers who rid their community of tobacco vending machines - addresses virtually every subject related to tobacco issues
Smoke-Free Environments Law Project - Michigan organization to protect individuals from ETS
Smokescreen - includes tobacco-related news, databases and ready-made legislative letters
Stop Teenage Addiction on Tobacco - (STAT) includes fun activities and a national forum
Food and Drug Administration - (FDA) children, tobacco and FDA action
ASH - Action on Smoking and Health, the nation's oldest antismoking organization
Americans for Non-Smokers Rights - dedicated to nonsmokers' rights
Kick Tobacco's Butt - National Kick Butts Day (March 31, 2004) - Tobacco Control Media Awareness Education - Leading Policy and Research forum on Tobacco Issues

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