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Sunday Paper Wrapped In Cigarette Advertisement Angers Readers

The Raleigh News and Observer's decision to wrap its Sunday paper in a tobacco advertisement for Doral cigarettes prompted several angry letters to the editor.

Jeff Hickman wrote: "My first thought is 'they're history -- cancel the subscription, start a campaign, and make sure that this error in judgment does not occur again.' My threshold of tolerance has been breached. Now I feel my mission is not to launch a campaign but to remind you to maintain the standards that are in place in other media. Don't be a pioneer for cigarette advertising. There are no followers for your movement."

For Judith Robb Bullock, the News and Observer's decision may cause her to cancel her subscription: "Although I have been a loyal reader for many years, I promise you that the next time the N&O is delivered in such attire, the cigarette maker's slogan 'More than you hoped for . . . for less' will result in one less subscriber."

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