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CCAA Asks New Mexico's Attorney General Madrid to Stop Brown & Williamson Tobacco Billboard Violation

June 22, 1999

Attorny General Patricia Madrid
attn: Mr. Glenn Smith
Office of the Attorney General of New Mexico
P.O. Box Drawer 1508
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1508

Dear Mr. Smith:

You and I had the opportunity to speak recently regarding the Giant Gas and Convenience store's billboard advertisement. I found another violation of the MSA yesterday. The Plateau Gas and Convenience store has a billboard on its property that is "tiling" smaller ads across the billboard surface.

It is my understanding that the MSA prohibits such practices. I have spoken with both the attendant on duty as well as the manager of Plateau. From what I have learned, Plateau does not own or update this billboard.

Interestingly, it appears that the billboard is owned and updated by Brown & Williamson tobacco company. They are fully aware of the MSA provisions. I am following this on my end. If this information is correct, our organization would like to be able to run a counter-advertising campaign on this location.

I have posted a story and pictures of the violation on our Web site at Brown & Williamson violation.

Thanks in advance for you help and interest in this matter.


Scott Goold, Director
Citizens for Clean Air in Apartments