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Oregon ACS Seeking To Intervene To Stop Deal

The Oregon ACS is goin in to court Wednesday, November 25, at 4:00 seeking to have the judge approint a referee to further examine the deal before signing off on it.

The Oregon State Public Interest Research Group is also participating.

Oregon ACS wins Round 1

Late in the day (Wednesday, November 25th), the Oregon AG went to court asking that the judge approve the AG deal.

The Oregon ACS contested this action and convinced the judge to hold a hearing on Monday, November 30th, about whether to continue the process before making a final decision.

The AG argued that the state would be harmed by the delay because it could jeapordize its claim on the attorney fee funds in the deal. (See the letter CA ALA and Next Generation sent, which notes the "potential to cloud judgment" that this bucket of money could create.)

Congradulations to Oregon ACS.