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West Virginia Benefits From Maryland Cigarette Tax
West Virginia retailers near the Maryland border are seeing an increase in cigarette sales since Maryland raised the state cigarette tax to 66 cents a pack July 1.

"Our sales have tripled," said Sean Hagenbuch of Hages Market in Ridgeley, W.VA.

In front of Hagenbuch's store is a sign thanking Maryland Governor Parris Glendening for the increase. Maryland law forbids residents from bringing more than two packs of cigarettes across the border, but authorities admit they don't target the casual smoker.

The Washington Post, (8/18/99) "METRO IN BRIEF: W.Va. Reaps Benefits of Md. Cigarette Tax", Compiled from reports by staff writers Brian Mooar, Michael H. Cottman and Valerie Strauss and the Associated Press.
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