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"We have an industry that for 40 years sold a product that was deadly, and said it wasn't, and sold a product that was addictive, and said it wasn't. And now they want to be granted immunity. I think that's wrong."

C. Everett Koop, M.D.
Former U.S. Surgeon General
Citizens for Clean Air and Clean Lungs

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Why Citizens Must Take Action Now
The tobacco industry conspired for over 40 years to deceive the American public as well as the U.S. Government about the dangers and consequences of using tobacco. The tobacco industry supressed scientific research demonstrating tobacco and tobacco products cause disease, premature death and is highly addictive.

The tobacco industry manipulated the levels of nicotine in their products to addict customers -- specifically children. Today, the tobacco industry spends over $7 billion each year to promote and advertise their deadly products.

The tobacco industry targets children to replace the nearly 500,000 American customers who die each year due to tobacco-related diseases.

The tobacco industry continues to distort the truth about the health effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and fights to prevent further restrictions on smoking in public places. ETS, more commonly referrred to as secondhand smoke, kills approximately 70,000 nonsmokers each year; causes thousands of respiratory infections each year; and hopitalizes thousands of infants and young children each year.

What You -- As A Citizen Can Do
First, it is important for you to know that you are not alone. About 82% of all adult Americans believe that smokers should not smoke around nonsmokers. In a December 1998 study by the New Mexico chapter of the American Cancer Society, 81% of those interviewed in a statewide study reported that they believed that second-hand cigarette smoke was harmful to health (see summary report).

Second, take advantage of laws designed to protect you.

Third, push for stronger laws. Write letters to newspapers and public officials. Get involved with those who are already working on this problem -- join a local coalition or support group (for list). Demand more public places be designated as smoke free. Remember, everyone has the right to smoke-free, clean air.

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