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MSA Draft Settlement Agreement

This archive is divided into five areas: CCAA Statements, Repealing the Master Settlement Agreement, The Financial Fight, Post-settlement Issues and Commentary, and Pre-settlement Issues and Commmentary.]

CCAA Statements
CCAA Asks Attorney General Madrid to Rescind Master Settlement Agreement
CCAA Calls NM's Attorney General Soft on the Tobacco Industry
CCAA Efforts Leads to Removal of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Billboard
CCAA Spots Brown & Williamson Tobacco Billboard Violation
Tobacco Industry's Strategy -- Divide and Conquer
The BUTTS of the Tobacco Settlement
CCAA Asks Udall To Oppose Tobacco Settlement
CCAA Asks New Mexico Officials to Oppose Tobacco Settlement

Living with the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA)
MSA Violation or Just Another Loophole?
Advertisements Violate the MSA -- AGAIN!
Philip Morris Efforts to Shift Responsibility For Youth Smoking
How to Challenge the MSA
Dr. Robert Sklaroff: Tobacco Activist Just Won't Quit
Smokers' Rights Group Challenges Settlement In CA, NY
Bill Godshall on the MSA: Presented at the National Conference on Tobacco and Health
U.S. Discount Cigarette Distributors Sue To Rescind MSA
Bennett & Fairshter Statement on Behalf of Discount Cigarette Distributors
Why New Mexico Must Rescind the MSA -- $2.5 billion in losses; 75,000 deaths

The Financial Fight
Cigarette Makers Raise Prices (8/31/99)
Washington Post: Tobacco Settlement Detoured (8/30/99)
Analysts Expect Philip Morris To Raise US Cigarette Prices
Bill Godshall: Calculating State Settlement Revenues
Lessons about Effective Anti-Smoking Campaigns from California
Florida Cities Experience Decline In Tobacco Revenue
Tobacco Companies Create Trust Fund For Farmers
Doctors Want Virginia's Settlement For Sick Smokers, Not Transportation
Georgia Tobacco Control Programs Unlikely To Be Funded By Settlement
Georgia's Tobacco Settlement May Help Rural Economies
Colorado May Take Tobacco Settlement In Lump-Sum
Vermont Task Force Recommends Funding Tobacco Control Programs
North Dakota Governor Doesn't Want Statewide Tobacco Control Program
Illinois Treasurer Suggests Interest-Only Spending Of Settlement
Virginia Board To Distribute Tobacco Funds To Farmers
West Virginia Benefits From Maryland Cigarette Tax
Reading the Tobacco Leaves: How Long Will Smokers Keep It Up?
National Foundation Posts Rules For Ad Agencies
Toledo Blade Editorial: Smoke and Mirrors
Nevada To Fund Scholarships, Health Programs With Tobacco Money
Standard & Poor's Releases Evaluation Of Tobacco Settlement
Philip Morris Won't Pay State's Share In Tobacco Damages
Clinton Signs Away Tobacco Industry Settlement Money
SATCHER: Save the Kids, Fight Tobacco
Satcher Supports Settlement Funds For Tobacco Control Programs
Wisconsin Committee Allocates $31 Million For Tobacco Control
Wisconsin Law Firms Settle With The Tobacco Industry
Minnesota Sets Aside $489 Million For Tobacco Control
Most Nevadans Favor Settlement Money For Antismoking Programs
Arizona Governor Asks Counties To Drop Fight For Settlement Money
Florida: Lawton Chiles Tobacco Endowment Receives $1.7 Billion
Windfall Begins Tug-of-War Among Lawmakers

Post-Settlement Issues and Commentary
Tobacco Industry Power and Influence in Florida from 1979 to 1999
New Mexico Rewarded For Role In Tobacco Settlement
Several States To Receive Bonus For Negotiating Settlement
Idaho Rewarded For Role In Tobacco Settlement
Giant Convenience Store Violates Settlement Agreement
Missouri Judge Delays State's Settlement
Tobacco Deal's Youth Campaign -- Just Say Scam
Upcoming Deadlines for Attorneys General Deal
New Mexico Teens Denounce Tobacco Settlement
Cigarette Makers Just Using Smokers
ADWEEK Critique Calls Philip Morris Ad Campaign Ineffective
Business Week -- Big Tobacco Makes A Stinky Bedfellow
Review the Tobacco Settlement: It's Not What the Tobacco Industry Says It Is
New York Requests Extension to Review Deal
Judicial ORDER in Pennsylvania
Settlement Really Just A Tax Increase
ALA and Next Generation Write Judge in California
Public Hospitals Intervening in Attorneys General Deal
Oregon ACS Seeking To Intervene To Stop Deal
Attorneys Generals Now Tobacco Industry Partners
Stop Settlement - Write Judge: Sample Letter
Settling States To Lose Medicaid Funds!
Lung Association Disappointed As States Approve Tobacco Deal

Pre-Settlement Issues and Commentary
Koop and Kessler: Tobacco Desperate for a Deal
It's Time To Shun Lying Tobacco Executives
Koop Urges AG To Reject Proposal
New Mexico CCAA Asks AG To Oppose Proposal
New Orleans Times Picayune Opposes AG Signing Deal
Dick Daynard's Analysis
Wisconsin May Opt Out Of Tobacco Proposal
Glantz: 36 Cents On The Dollar
Glantz: Going Federal A Big Tactical Error At This Time
SmokeFree Educational Services: Proposed Tobacco Settlement
Bill Godshall's Analysis
Vinny DeMarco's Analysis
Ralph Nader's Analysis
American Heart Association, Western States Affiliate
ENACT Statement
American Cancer Society Position
Greg Connolly's Analysis
Koop and Kessler's Comments
New Mexico Citizens for Clean Air in Apartments statement 11/19/98
Pennsylvania Coalition Statement
Proposal Protects Industry From ETS Claims
American Lung Association statement
New York Times: A Weak Tobacco Deal
What's the Rush?
Consensus: Proposal protects tobacco industry
Philadelphia Inquirer Opposes Tobacco Proposal
Document disclosure c/o Essential Information
AHA, WSA Condemns Attorneys General Tobacco Settlement
Glantz - What a Scam
Most Favored Nation c/o settlelist
Preempting Local Government Civil Suits
Tying The States' Hands
Parent Company Liability
CA ACS says Tobacco Settlement Wrong
Glantz - Current AG deal is better than June 20th deal
Federal Legislation Adjustment

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